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Discovering Music (1-3 yo)

Develop your kid's musical intelligence

Discovering Music is not a simple play group where children sing, dance, jump and play instruments. It’s a preparation towards the next step in their musical development: Keyboard Exploration.

Our goal is to develop the kids’ musical intelligence from the very early stages in life.

What happens in the lessons?

– The teacher will help the parent to communicate through music with the child. Parents will learn a repertoire of songs that can be used every day at home.

– The selected songs have a huge variety of rhythms, tonalities, modes and melodies. This helps to develop their full musical potential.

– We only use the body and voice. Parents’ silence and attention are essential to creating the environment needed. We don’t use recorded music.

– Each child is stimulated according to their musical development stage. Lessons are in groups but adapted individually at the same time.

– Kids can continue with the next stage of the program when they reach 4: Keyboard Exploration.

Details on this group
– Ages from 1 to 3 years old
– Date and Time: Mondays at 2:45 pm
(Please note, there are no plans of weekend groups unfortunately, as the rooms are all full during that time)
– Duration: 45 minutes
– Price: £65/month per kid
– Group size: 4 kids (minimum required) – 6 kids (maximum allowed)
– Parents/caregivers must take part in the activities