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At Home Lessons FAQ

As we are almost at full capacity at our school in Willesden Green, we are covering at the moment the sourrounding areas: NW10, NW6, NW2, W9, W10
If your post code is not included in the list but your are not far from there, you can still do a free consultation. We might be able to help depending on availability.

Yes. Not only for lessons, but for practice in between lessons. It is with regular practice where you will see the biggest improvements. Depending on the level you could start with a keyboard (88 weighted keys).
Buying an instrument can be a daunting task and we can help you with it. We’ve got a list of recommendations fitting every budget. Do not hesitate to ask for advice.

We deliberately don’t have a per lesson rate. We offer instead a comprehensive group of services that not only include the lessons, but also a specific parent support service (informative webinars, emails, meetings, reports and newsletters), performance opportunities and books and materials. All included in your monthly fee.

No, you don’t. We will take care of it for you. Books and materials are included in your monthly fee. We’ll buy the books for you and send them directly to yours.

The first step is to book a Free Consultation to have a chat with our Head Teacher, so you can ask all the questions you may have, learn how we work, etc. The consultation can be done over the phone, online via zoom or in person at the school, whatever is more convenient for you!

After the consultation Elena will send you an email with all the details, slots proposal and what you need to do to join our school.

In order to join our school we will require you to fill out a Sign Up Form and a Direct Debit Mandate. Once we receive the forms, we will set you up to start and send you an email with all the information you’ll need before your first lesson. 


We accept payments by Direct Debit only. 

We calculate the total amount you should pay for the year and split it in 11 months (lessons, books, concerts, etc.). You will pay the same amount every month so you don’t have to worry about the number of lessons included in each month (you pay about 3,5 lessons per month). 

On the 24th of every month, you will receive by email the invoice for the next month and your bank account will be automatically charged around the 1st of the next month. 

If you start lessons half-way into the month, you’ll be charged a prorated amount for the first month.

Before stopping lessons, let us know if you have any kind of issue. Is the slot not working for you anymore? Does your kid have issues engaging? We are always open to discussion and available to help. 

If we are not able to help with whatever issue you are facing (financial, family issue, etc.) just let us know as soon as possible. We only require one billing month paid notice in order to stop lessons. You let us know at least one billing month in advance and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our teachers’ schedules are almost at full capacity, so we don’t provide make up lessons anymore. Lessons missed are not refunded.

But please, let us know if you can’t attend a lesson so your teacher knows if they should come to yours or not.

When you cancel a lesson the teacher will send some notes so the student can continue practicing until the next lesson. 

If your teacher is available, we are happy to offer extra lessons at an extra charge.

Our lessons are interactive, varied, fun and based on an innovative approach. You should expect children moving to work on rhythm, playing through the whole piano from the first lesson, using games, props and techniques based on animal movements!  All that soon develops into note reading, creating their own music based on the pieces they learn, acquiring a vocabulary of musical ideas to improvise, and developing aural skills to play by ear their favourite music.

Our lessons are very seriously planned, but fun delivered!

Not only you can, but we highly recommend it. Parents’ support is essential and by attending your kids lessons you will learn how to help them make the most of their learning experience.

Students can start as young as 4yo with our Keyboard Exploration Program. Regular piano lessons can start at age of 5. Check our Kids Program.

Yes. All our teachers are highly qualified to prepare students for exams (minimum Undergraduate Music Degree).

We believe though that exams shouldn’t be the goal of learning music, but just another way to assess the level.

We won’t limit our teaching to the requirements of an exam syllabus. We believe that doing so can be to the detriment of the development of a wide range of skills, which include playing by ear, improvisation, composition etc. 

We will not ‘fast track’ a pupil through exams by compromising the development of secure musical foundations.

However, we are happy to take pupils through the exams route as part of their own musical development.

We teach all grades from Grade 1 to Diploma level and keep a 100% rate of passing (being the majority Merits and Distinctions).

Concerts help students to build important lifelong skills such as confidence and communication through music. We believe our students should have the opportunity to experiment this often. They should also have the chance to share their hard work and love for music with others.

We hold 3 Full Studio Concerts per year, one at the end of each term. In these concerts each student will play one piece. These are included in your monthly fee

In addition to that, we propose Graduation Concerts. When a student reaches an important milestone (finishes a book, passes and exam, etc.) they have the possibility to put together a concert of 10 to 15 minutes where they get to play their favourite pieces. These concerts can be done in person at our selected venue or online. In both cases, they can be streamed over zoom so their families and friends from afar can join. These concerts are proposed at an extra fee.