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Piano Teacher

Cheslav Singh is a Canadian pianist with international performance and pedagogical experience. He received a Master's Degree in Piano from the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań, Poland. During his formative education, he has had the privilege of studying with many professors from two different pedagogical lineages such as Jeannette Fujarczuk, Dr. John Derksen and dr. hab. Jerzy Stryjniak.

He has performed internationally at renowned venues (Rome, New York, Paris, Toronto), on radio (RAI 3) and television in many different contexts, playing everything from Beethoven to free jazz.

Since 2012, when he taught at The New York Conservatory of Music, he has been steadily teaching piano, music theory and music appreciation in a variety of ways, privately, through institutions or academia, and has authored two academic courses on music appreciation after the methodology set out by Dr. Craig White of Yale University. Currently he teaches university level Piano, Music Appreciation and a unique course on Gurbāṇī Saṅgīta at the London Performing Academy of Music (LPMAM: the Classical Music Academy of the 21st Century).

He has also appeared as a composer, composing solo pieces, to pieces for a full symphony orchestra, and co-founded the audiovisual group a=b=x=y as well as Our 'PL'ace Foundation, through which he co-curates an annual International Audiovisual Festival in Poland.

Further, he is an active student and researcher of Gurbāṇī Saṅgīta, the oldest surviving tradition of Indian Classical Music, having had the good fortune of being able to work with and for its primary exponent (Bhai Baldeep Singh) since 2013.

He constantly searches for extended playing techniques, plays the organ, and three years ago took up piano tuning and renovation to extend his understanding of the instrument even further.